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WSR is pleased to recommend the following professional services:

Food-Technologists.co.uk are specialist food safety, BRC, HACCP and quality consultants, trainers & auditors, providing technical support and consultancy to food manufacturing, food ingredient, wholesaling, retailing and industrial catering sectors.

Clients have included food manufacturers, food ingredient and packaging suppliers, food wholesalers, buying groups, food retailers, industrial catering companies, business support organisations, banks, investment groups and other food consultancies.

Customers have access to technical, quality assurance and manufacturing experience in the food industry from a qualified food technologist with experience in food manufacturing and industrial catering operations.

These services have benefited many food businesses by helping them to expand into new markets, resolve food safety issues, maintain good relationships with customers or prevent food safety issues.

Food Safety Services include:

Food Safety & Haccp Training Courses

On site RSPH level 2,3 & 4 Haccp and Food Safety & food hygiene training. Courses are adapted to suit your industry - food manufacturing including ingredient suppliers, catering & retail.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Technical Review against version 5 of the BRC Global Food standard and full technical support to meet and maintain the standards.

BRC Global Standard Storage & Distribution

Technical Review against the standard, full technical support to meet and maintain the standards.

Maintenance of BRC Global Standards

Including audits, reviews & verification of the haccp system, internal audits of the BRC system & management reviews. Technical support after your audit to close out non conformance's or technical support prior to your audit to ensure compliance against the standard.

General Technical Support & Consultancy

Food manufacturers, catering operations & wholesalers who do not have full time food safety expertise or who require help to overcome a specific problem.

Contact Ken Driver on 0191 3866401 or via www.Food-Technologists.co.uk




A technically focused business services company, operating across the entire food chain. The services provided cover four main areas:

•  Strategic Business Development

•  Manufacturing and Quality Improvement

•  Risk Management

•  Food Safety

Central FoodControl 's core objective is Brand and Business development and protection.

Central FoodControl 's experience base in both food manufacturing and retailing provides a unique balance of understanding of the business impact of operational issues in the food chain.

Central FoodControl works with clients by adding customer values to their services, product offer and business activity.

Central FoodControl 's client base includes:

•  Food manufacturing, Food retailing and Food service utilities

•  Equipment manufacturers and factory fabrication and construction products

•  Food hygiene products & services

•  Legal and insurance services

•  Third party consultancy groups and Technology transfer groups

•  Training services companies

•  Global refrigeration and gases supplier

•  Disposable products.

•  Food Standards Agency

Contact Mike Shaw on 01664474108 or 07713679202 to learn more how Central Food Control can help your company





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