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WSR offer Organisational Development

Organisational Development


We offer organisation-wide culture change processes and programmes that enable you to deliver business transformation by aligning service and product delivery with changing external environments and customer expectations


Do your teams:


•  act consistently with what the organisation needs, what the market trends and customer demands are telling them?


•  align their work processes and behaviour around a shared vision, a set of shared values, as part of their operating philosophy?


•  work to mutually reinforce individual efforts and use these for collective gain?


•  commit to something shared and know how to translate that into action?


•  have the insight into the fundamental things they have in common and need?


•  know how to mutually explore and understand the issues on which the organisation must align and deliver?


Alignment allows an organisation to work at its full capability.


The synergies generated in an aligned organisation make it a formidable commercial entity.


WSR offer organisational development programmes to ensure your organisation and the teams within it are fit for purpose, able to meet change, and capable of driving the organisation's agenda.

Organisational Development Programmes are co-constructed with the client but typically cover the five keys stages to effective organisational performance:


Step 1 Diagnosis and assessment

Step 2 Design

Step 3 Delivery

Step 4 Action, reflection and learning

Step 5 Evaluation and further development


Business Unit and Team Development Programmes (Cross Functional or Single Discipline Team Development) typically include:


Step 1 Diagnosis

Step 2 Design

Step 3 Delivery

Step 4 Reflection, learning and evaluation

Step 5 Ongoing development


We can help you:


•  raise team performance and morale

•  build team purpose and identity

•  build trust and confidence within and outside of the team

•  deal with conflict

•  overcome setbacks

•  ensure team accountability

•  initiate innovation and manage change


Our consultants will help you to surface and eliminate underlying tensions to facilitate improved team working and drive efficiency.

Even the most successful teams will have fluctuatons in performance and encounter both success and failure, but we can help you to achieve success for a greater proportion of the time through harnessing everyone's ability.

We can achieve improvements in Team Leader autonomy, building confidence in their ability to act in ways consistent with the values of the organisation. We will achieve improvements in leadership, collaborative working and self awareness e.g. impacts of behaviour on performance. Improvements in efficiency, alignment, cooperation, dialogue, acceptance of common goals and respect for others views are the frequent results of our programmes.


For further details of our programmes please call Paul Comben on 01572 737327





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