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WSR offers outplacement services through our sister company Avenir Career Consulting Ltd

We can provide either Group Workshops or Individual Programmes dependent upon the clients needs. Be assured that we will act with discretion, recognising the sensitive and confidential nature of the information discussed.

Group Seminars - Content: Half Day Workshop And Three Months Support

Beyond your current employer:

  • Global competition implications
  • Career Management
  • Career Anchors


  • CV and Covering Letter
  • Presentation & Content

Organising the search:

  • Internet
  • Papers Local & National
  • Direct mail
  • Managing your details within agencies


  • What to look for within an advert.
  • What to include in your response.
  • Application Forms

Scope of the search:

  • Options
  • Industry


  • Knowing why.
  • Knowing how.
  • Knowing who.

Selection Techniques:

  • Interviews
  • Application Forms
  • References
  • Ability / aptitude tests
  • Assessment centres
  • Telephone Screening

Interview technique:

  • Personal presentation
  • Managing the interview

Executive Outplacement Programme Content

Stage One:

  • Career Audit - Psychometrics - Career Planning - Marketing Plan - CV Preparation
  • Career Audit consisting of a review of progress to date, career anchors, competences, aspirations and continuous professional development requirements, or in the events of career change ambitions, training plans to facilitate transfer.
  • Psychometric assessment of the candidate's personality profile.
  • Career Planning consisting of short, medium and longer-term milestones allied to the career audit.
  • Marketing Plan: practical advice on self marketing methods.
  • CV Preparation. Assistance in the production of an appropriate and effective career history presentation.

Stage Two:

Job Search Support - Advertisements - Databases - www. - Networking - Professional Recruiters

  • Practical support during the job search period, we scan and draw attention to appropriate advertisements in the national press, we expect clients to do the same.
  • We will detail on line resources available, provide information resource assistance, and advise on networking, agencies and headhunters.

Stage Three:

Interview Preparation - Self presentation - Interview practice including video analysis - Company research - Post Interview debrief

  • Advice on interview technique, and practical coaching on self-presentation at interview using video to analyse highs and lows.
  • We will provide information from the public domain on target companies.
  • Following the interview we will provide the opportunity to debrief and coach on elements that were perceived as weaknesses.

Stage Four:

Offers - Negotiation and Probationary Period Support

  • Whilst all acceptance decisions remain with the client we will prompt a pragmatic analysis of the relative merits and possible pitfalls of any offers made.
  • During the probationary period we will act as an independent resource to the client to advise and counsel as they adjust to their new employer.

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