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Most organisations expect applicants to submit a c.v. This is the first impression they will receive of you so you need to make it a good one. Here are some golden rules for your c.v. Remember the purpose of the c.v. is to gain you an interview, so don't give full details, just edited highlights.

Your c.v. should be no more than two pages.

  • Focus on skills and achievements rather than job titles
  • Make sure it's accurate and fault-free.
  • Make sure the CV looks focused. You may need to tailor the content of your c.v. for each job. If you are looking in several different fields, you may find you need two or three versions of your c.v.

Suggested format

Name, address and phone contact details at the top

  • Short paragraph (about three sentences) summarising your particular skills set
  • List your jobs (company name and your job title) for each company starting with the most recent and working backwards. You may like to give a brief description of the responsibilities you had to give a flavour of the role. Make sure you say what you achieved in each job – ideally two or three things with objectively quantifiable measures.
  • Set out your educational and vocational qualifications. The more extensive work experience or higher qualifications you have, the less detail you need to give here – remember the purpose of the c.v. is to get you an interview.
  • Personal information – date of birth, marital status, age and interests are not obligatory. Although some employers look for this information, for others it's irrelevant. Do however put information like “clean UK driving licence”, “fluent Japanese spoken” or “full British passport” if these are likely to be relevant for a job role
  • Referees – if you are happy for referees to be approached at any stage in the recruitment process, then you can list their names (as long as they are aware they may be contacted). Otherwise you can put “names and contact details of referees available upon request”.

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